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What We Do

Supporting Victims of Terrorist Attacks

We provide ongoing and non-ongoing financial support for the victims of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

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What We Do

Education Scholarships

Via university scholarship and student sponsorship programs for students in Afghanistan

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What We Do

Child Labour Projects

Helping working children to get back to the school, One child at a time!

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Baba Mazari Foundation

Baba Mazari Foundation (BMF) is a charity organisation that began as a community initiative but has since evolved into a beacon of hope for many people in need. BMF is established and run by a group of passionate volunteers, with strong member base and generous community support. We work with the main objective of promoting a culture of prosperity for all and charity for the good of our humanity.

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Women Empowerment Program
Higher Education Scholarships

Would you like to donate to our current campaign to help empowering women in Afghanistan? Please visit Call for funds for 500 Scholarships for the Women of Afghanistan to make a donation.

We hope that with your support, we will be able to keep the seeds of hope alive in the hearts of our country’s women.

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