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BMF is currently involved in a few projects which are listed below and invite you to get involved and donate to these vital works which saves futures and generates hopes: 

  • Child Labour Project  One child at a time back to school 

BMF embarked on this project to put back child labours back into school so they can have a future like any other children. BMF has started its work in the most impoverished province of Ghor and district of La’al Sarjangal.  

  • Student sponsorship

BMF has also started sponsoring student by paying their tuition fees so they can continue their schooling. These are students who are extremely impoverished and their parents can’t afford their tuition fees. This program will be expanded and our members and donors can directly sponsor these children.  

You can help these children have a future by paying for their monthly earnings so they can go to school as they’re their families’ only breadwinners.

  • Mirza Olang emergency support and ongoing work

BMF helped raise funds to support the survivors of Mirza Olang Massacre in August 2017. BMF has identified that a few orphans and families that have lost their sole breadwinners and have no means of income to survive. BMF has committed to support these orphans and widowed women so they can reestablish themselves and survive.  

  • Direct sponsorship of impoverished families ​

BMF has also started to facilitate direct sponsorship of impoverished families in Afghanistan by their relative or friend donors in Australia. We have so far helped sponsor 10 families and this list grows on as we have more and more people enquiring about this program.  

Support Baba Mazari Foundation to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people generally with a special focus on minorities

  • Child Labours and Students sponsored through Hayat Complex

BMF is currently involved in sponsoring the child labors and students through the Hayat Complex.

  • One Off Live Saving Funds ​

Via the one off life saving, BMF supports …

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. (Winston Churchill)