Fundraising Concert - Annual Event

One of our biggest annual events is the Fund Raising Concert. This event usually takes place around April and March each year to coincide with the Persian New Year, Nowruz. The whole idea behind this event is to not only celebrate the Persian New Year but more importantly to bring together all communities who celebrate Nowruz including the Afghan, the Persian and the Tajikistani Communities together. Usually, we bring singers and musicians from overseas with the collaboration of other entertainment groups to perform in our events. However, all the proceeds will go to our Student Scholarship and Child labour scholarships programs. The funds will be wholly spent on these two programs and by BMF only.

For instance in late April 2019, BMF held its very first Fund Raising Concert. Sheer Entertainment kindly offered their artists to perform in our events without any costs. They had sponsored three famous Tajikistani singers and one Afghan singer for their interstate concerts however, after their interstate concerts concluded, they allowed their singers to perform in our event. Our fund raising concert was a tremendous success as it was sold-out with around 700 people including people from Iran, Pakistan and Tajikistan. This event raised $13,416 that we are currently using to fund our child labour and university student sponsorship projects respectively.

BMF Fundraising Concert - Annual Event

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