Child Labour

Here at BMF we recognise that child labour not only violates the right of children by robbing their childhood but also it perpetuates poverty and hinders economic development. One of the main reasons that we focus on Child labour is because according to UNICEF Afghanistan is ‘the worst place to be born in the world’. There is a plethora of other challenges facing Afghan children including but not restricted to insecurity, sexual exploitation, forced marriages and malnutrition. However, we believe that addressing child labour address some of those underlying issues and breaks the cycle of exploitation and poverty.  

Identifying victims of child labou
Sending the children to school
Paying school fees
Offering a salary equivalent to the child’s income

Child Labour
Child Labour

BMF will consider child labour scholarships even if both parents of the child are alive. As per our policy we adopt a stricter definition of a child. While the UN and other international instruments define a child as someone who is under the age 18, we define a child as someone who is under the age of 15. This is because; in Afghanistan this group of people are most at risk. Furthermore, in Afghanistan, work that is culturally conducted by a child on the family farm or in other business that does not harm them or prevent them from getting education does not constitute child labour.

If you are a child labour or know a child labourer, you can directly apply to BMF for child labour scholarships. Applying for child labour scholarships does not automatically guarantee the success of the application.  

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