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The Voice of Compassion

The Voice of Compassion - Charity Music Concert

This is a fundraising event to support the BMF’s High Education Scholarships Program

Date: 17 November 2023

Location: Woodville Town Hall; 76 Woodville Road, Woodville SA 5011

Door opens at 7pm

Concert starts at 8.00pm

Singers: Ustad Ghazanfar Haidari, Firooz Ansari and Jamal Mubarez.

Keyboard: Ali Sarshar

Tabla: Sohrab Sakhi

Guitar and Base: Quentin Eyers

Dram: Shamsuddin

تمام درآمدهای این کانسرت برای برنامۀ بورسیۀ تحصیلات عالی و نیمه عالی بنیاد تخصیص خواهد یافت

Ustad Ghazanfar Haidari (Singer)

Firooz Ansari (Singer)

Jamal Mubarez

Jamal Mubarez (Singer)

Ali Sarshar

Ali Sarshar (Keyboard)

Sohrab Sakhi (Tabla)


Quentin Eyers (Guitar and Base)

Shamsuddin (Dram)

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