Sponsor Impoverished Women and/or Children in Afghanistan

Our Sponsorship Program is your best opportunity to help transform the lives of impoverished women and children in Afghanistan. As a Sponsor, you will be the agent of change and you will enable the empowerment of women and children through sustainable projects that helps break the cycle of poverty.

Four decades of war has left Afghanistan in turmoil and damaged the social, economic and political structure of the country. Widows and orphans are the most vulnerable sector of Afghan society. With no social or economic safety net, they are left to survive through begging, scavenging or being exploited to earn to survive.

The sponsorship of just one child or widow will not only create lasting impact on their own lives, but the lives of families and communities they are part of. Help make a difference by providing a better future to Afghan women and children.

Sponsor Impoverished Women and/or Children in Afghanistan

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