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Call for funds for 500 Scholarships for the Women of Afghanistan

Call for funds for 500 Scholarships for the Women of Afghanistan

Women Empowerment Program
Higher Education Scholarships

On August 15, 2021, after a 20-year era of democracy, the Taliban again took power in Afghanistan following the Doha Agreement (the so-called US-Taliban Peace Deal) and the withdrawal of the global coalition led by the United States of America.

On December 20, 2022, a letter was sent to all public and private universities in Afghanistan saying that “the continuation of females’ education in these universities is closed until further notice”.

Subsequently, unfortunately, this was the end of the fulfilment of the dreams of a huge group of scholars in our country who, after enduring many hardships and bitterness, were only happy to continue their studies.

More than a year has passed since that day, and the doors of the universities are still closed to the girls and women of our country.

In line with its fundamental objectives and to create a suitable educational platform for talented and eligible students, the Babe Mazari Foundation in Australia (BMF) started the “Women’s Empowerment” program by awarding scholarships to women for semi-higher education courses from the beginning of May this year.

Currently, semi-higher courses in medical fields are the only option available for women in our country to study in medical and health institutions inside Afghanistan.

In the first phase of this program, based on the memorandum of understanding (MOU) that was concluded with Jamal Al-Shafa Medical Institution in Kabul, BMF was able to recruit 105 eligible students in the four fields of advanced nursing, pharmacy, advanced midwifery, and dental prosthetics by awarding scholarships. Many of these students are from different provinces of Afghanistan and came to Kabul just to continue their studies through this program.

Due to the depth of the needs and the countless number of requests, unfortunately, the foundation was not able to provide education to all these applicants.

In continuation of the Women’s Empowerment program, the foundation is trying to sign memorandums of understanding with a larger number of semi-higher medical institutions in Kabul and some provinces in order to provide education for a larger number of compatriot women.

To make this happen, we extend our hand of need and cooperation to you, the empathetic and supporting people of the society, so that you can participate in this God-pleasing cause by financially supporting this program.

We hope that with your support, we will be able to keep the seeds of hope alive in the hearts of our country’s women.

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