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Baba Mazari Foundation

Baba Mazari Foundation (BMF) is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation that is the figurehead of the the Baba Mazari Charitable Trust (BMCT). 

BMF is a charity organisation that began as a community initiative but has since evolved into a beacon of hope for many people in need. BMF is established and run by a group of passionate volunteers, with strong member base and generous community support. We work with the main objective of promoting a culture of prosperity for all and charity for the good of our humanity. Our funds go towards helping impoverished families, child labourers and disadvantaged students in Afghanistan. In less than a year, the foundation has sponsored the education of 50 disadvantaged children including child labourers in Afghanistan, provided emergency relief and medical aid to those affected by crises.  



BMF is founded with the aim to promote a culture of prosperity for all and charity for the good of our humanity. 
Our aim is to devise effective means of and empowering the most vulnerable, foster sustainable change by making educational opportunities available to the disadvantaged, and to provide emergency relief for victims of terror attacks


  • Engaging in public benevolent activities
  • Helping the relief of suffering, poverty and other misfortune of those persons who suffer these
  • Raising funds to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people generally with a special focus on minorities
  • Focusing on human rights and justice for all
  • Promoting peace and peaceful solutions through dialogue and other initiatives
  • Seeking justice for the disadvantaged, for refugees and asylum seekers

overall purposes

  • Advance social justice objectives 
  • Promote peace and harmony among diverse people using a variety of initiatives based on community needs
  • Coordinate the initiatives and run programs based on the social, cultural and other needs of our community in Australia
  • Undertake national and international projects and programs in pursuit of objectives.
  • Seek justice and raise funds for the disadvantaged with a special focus on victims of terrorist attacks
  • Run a trust called Baba Mazari Charitable Trust as a trustee, which would receive funds from the fundraising events and also membership fees, donations and contributions. 

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