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Masuma Haidary

Kabul Executive Team

Masuma Haidary, an active member of our community in Mazar-e-Sharif. She is a licensed attorney since 2017, and is working as Market Facilitator at Zardozi Market for Afghan Artisans. Masuma has BA in Private and Criminal Law from Balkh University School of Law on 2015. Although she has graduated from law school but she has long-term experience working in financial sector too; in addition to having the experience of working as the legal advisor of Balkh Directory of Commerce & Industries, and advocate assistant in a private law firm, she has worked as financial manager, cashier and as well seller in different entities and industries.   

Masuma is the Manager of Fater Social Association who is focusing on issues related to Shahid Mazari including re-establishing and running Shahid Mazari Library that is located in Shahid Mazari’s shrine, and organizing cultural programs on Shahid Mazari’s annual birthdays and Martyred-day. Masuma having potential leadership skills has participated in Promote Women’s Leadership Development Program in 2017 and has been selected as one of the best young women-leaders of the program. 

Masuma loves literature and poems, and thus reads and writes Persian poems in her free time. She in addition to speaking in Persian and Hazaragi accent (her mother tongue) can speak in Turkish and has a good understanding of Uzbeki and Turkemeni languages.  

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