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Mirza Olang emergency support and ongoing work

Mirza Olang emergency support and ongoing work

BMF helped raise funds to support the survivors of Mirza Olang Massacre in August 2017. BMF has identified that a few orphans and families that have lost their sole breadwinners and have no means of income to survive. BMF has committed to support these orphans and widowed women so they can reestablish themselves and survive.  

Mirza Olang Orphaned Children Sponsorship

Ibrahim son of Mohammad Issa, his brother is martyred. He is in the hospital due to an operation on his appendix.

Ayatullah son of Ibrahim, his father’s relative is one of the martyred.

Mohammad son of Sakhi Dad, his grandfather is martyred.

Haamed son of Mohammad Ibrahim, both his uncle and auntie are martyred.

Aref son of Mohammad Alam, his uncle is martyred.

Shir Ali son of Khair Mohammad


Fatima daughter of Rajab Ali, seven of his family members were martyred during Soviet’s invasion.

Sabera daughter of Amir Jan 14 years old.

Mahtab daughter of Khuda Dad, her uncle is martyred.

Adela daughter of Rostam, her grandfather is martyred


Sakina daughter of Amir Dad her cousin is wounded.


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