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Child Labours and Students sponsored through Hayat Complex

Child Labours and Students sponsored through Hayat Complex

BMF is currently involved in sponsoring the child labors and students through the Hayat Complex.


Zahra and Masouma

Zahra and Masouma the daughters of Ghulam Ali study at Hayat Privat School without paying any fee to the school. The reason that Zahra and Masouma are not paying to the school is due to their disabled father who is the breadwinner of the family. Their father Ghulam Ali has been injured during the civil war In Afshaar, Kabul and eventually lost one his feet.

Ghulam originally from Bamiyan is a breadwinner of 11 people in his family. He is currently a street peddler to feed his family in Dasht e Barchi, Kabul. BMF has reviewed disability document of Ghulam Ali which is issued by Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) of Afghanistan. Thus BMF has sponsored these kids to go to school.


Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar son of Ramazan is an orphan who lost his father.

His current guardian is his elder brother Ewaz Ali, who himself is a student and working part time to feed his family of six which five of them are students.


Hassan and Asad

Hassan and Asad are son of Hussain originally form Maidan Wardak. Their father is a drug edict who is the breadwinner of the family.

Their father has been under treatment for a few times but still has not quitted which put his family in harsh situation. BMF has reviewed the document that shows Hussian’s addiction to drug.


Sardar Hussain and Hassan Mujtaba

Sardar Hussain and Hassan Mujtaba are son Mohd Ebrahim study at 3rd Their father who is the breadwinner of family is disabled person who can work. BMF has reviewed Ebrahim’s documents that shows he is not able to work.


Elyas and Mukhtar

Elyas and Mukhtar are son of Mohd Yonous originally form Maidan Wardak who currently live in Dasht e Barchi Kabul. Elyas and Mukhtar are the orphans whose truck driver father has been killed in war between Taliban and government forces on Kabul-Hayratan highway.

BMF has reviewed the documents showing their father has been killed


Kamran son of Mohd Asif who is originally from Ghazni study at 2nd Kamran’s father was labourer in Iran who has been died in accident in Iran.

Kamran lives with family of 3 and his mother is the breadwinner of the family who is unskilled and unemployed.