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BMF’s call for funds for Victims of Kunduz & Kandahar attacks

Dear compatriots and companions! See our countrymen in Kunduz and Kandahar.

The brutal attack on Khan Abad Mosque in Kunduz two weeks ago and the bloody attack on Fatimia Mosque in Kandahar, which is continuing organized and targeted killings on a certain group of people, has again laced the clean soil of the country with the blood of the children of the country The pictures and videos that were released from the site of these two incidents are so heartbreaking and shocking that many of these pictures can’t be used.

Our land is the victim of a long war, but the pain that burns lives and souls beyond all other pains, is that the main victims of these attacks are innocent and helpless citizens who are stuck in the midst of fire and blood and their only wish for peace. And it’s peace and friendship. People who are victims of the brutal game of terrorist groups in performing the blood and death of the enemies of this land.

Australia’s Babe Mazari Foundation team on their turn, condemning such terrorist attacks, martyred and wounded innocent men, women and children of the two provinces of Kunduz and Kandahar to all the countrymen and especially the families whose loved ones in this war. Ignorant people lost their condolences and wishes health for the wounded of this tragedy.

Also, after discussions with our compatriots and colleagues in Kunduz, Kandahar and Australia, the Babe Mazari Foundation team has launched a campaign to help the families of martyrs and wounded of these two disasters. We invite all our compatriots to join this campaign personally or through the popular associations and join us with your help to fulfill our human responsibility to the victims of these attacks.