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The world must be made aware of the “special” situation of the Hazaras!


The world must be made aware of the “special” situation of the Hazaras!

Written by: Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahamdi (University Prof.)

Hazaras in Afghanistan like many other ethnic and religious minorities in the rest of the world; have been subject to the elimination, discrimination, and repression for at least two centuries. The fundamental and social foundation of this hatred were religious and racial, which has served the expansion of the power and wealth acquisition, including land grabbing. I, have already explained this in detail in an article on the “Capture of the Hazaras Yaghestan narrated by Seraj” The disaster of Mirzaolang, along with the disaster of the past year which has mainly targeted Hazaras and Shias for their ethnic and religious nature is a part of this dynasty, so Hazaras are subject to joint killings, discrimination and exclusion. In the context of international laws, this kind of behavior is considered as an example of crimes against humanity, war crimes plus many others. Now under the same laws, the national governments are responsible for protecting their citizens, especially those who are undergoing or more exposed to hatred, discrimination and expulsion.

According to the above laws, the national government is required to protect its vulnerable ethnic and religious groups. Therefore, at very first step Afghan government understands this fine point and places it in its basilar defense policy in a fundamental way. Except this, politically, the adoption of such policy is the only way to prevent a vicarious war in the country. The United States, in special, is responsible towards the estate of Hazaras for two reasons: First, because of their direct involvement in the war of Afghanistan as these people are being killed under the title of war with west and secondly, because of the aforementioned laws. But again, the point is that, why is the world indifferent towards the carnage of Hazaras and has not yet been a worldwide discussion for the media to push public opinions for the need to protect Hazaras? The governments’ lack of attention can have political reasons; in general larger states are forcing humanitarian operations because of their financial costs. But the lack of media attention that underlies the change in government policy, roots from a lack of historical understandings of Hazaras’ condition. So, it is the duty of all citizens and civilians, from every race, including the Hazaras’ social activists around the world, to make this macrocosm aware of the Hazaras’ estate.

Translates by Dr. Arzoo Khorrami

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